Once you decide to use our services, we will send out our 'Agreement to Mediate' and 'intake forms' to complete. These forms will give us the details of all parties concerned, chilldren involved, assets, liabilities, and background to the dispute. Both parties will need to complete and return these forms prior to mediation.


We will then arramge a private session with each party to go through the forms and discuss their position regarding the dspute, future needs and what they hope to achieve from mediation.


Assuming there are no safety concerns to the children or any of the parties or property, and mediation proceeds, then a 2 to 3 hour mediaton will be arranged where both parties will be able to express their positions, concerns, needs and desired outcomes. Through this process, options will be explored and hopefully a mutual solution can be agreed upon to everyone's satisfaction.

WE HAVE A VERY HIGH SUCCESS RATE (90%) we can usually achieve the desited result in one session. For more complex or volitile cases, we may need 2 to 3 mediation sessions before a result is achieved.


If you dont feel comfotable doing 'face to face' with the other party because it will just be too emotional, then we can arrange for you to not see each other at all. You'll arrive at different times, be seated in separate rooms and we'll shuffle between the rooms conveying messages, thoughts and proposals to each party. You can be in your room with a alwyer or a support person.  When complete you will leave separately also.  This takes the heat out of the equation and allows both parties to concentrate on the matter at hand -  the best solution for all parties and the children.


With an agreement in place, we will assist in the drafting of a parenting plan which can be used by both parties as a guide to moving forward and implementing the agreed solutions.

Should both parties want to make these agreed solutions legally binidng, then the draft parenting plan can be forwarded onto your legal representatives who will assist with the drafting and filing of consent orders to the Family Court.   


Each mediation on average takes about 3 hours and depending on the issues in dispute, we may need one or two sessions to agree on such things like parenting, property, communication, child support, school fees, holidays, special occassions etc. Most of the important 'must haves' are usually addressed in Session 1 however once the parties are used to the process they usually decide to continue for another session so all the issues are addressed and agreed upon. Agreed points will then be documented by the Mediator and parties are encouraged to have those then drafted into CONSENT ORDERS by their respective lawyers. Once drafted and signed by both parties, these can then be filed in Court and they become legally binding Orders.

Costwise each party will need to be prepared to spend about $600 per mediation session (3 hours) so 2 sessions will set you back about $1200 each, plus the initial intake session $200...HOWEVER that's much better than $100,000 each and waiting 2 to 3 years if you so decide to go to Court. 

MEDIATION WORKS! - YOU JUST NEED TO TALK IT OUT!...and we'll help you do that!