We'll mediate between the parties to achieve mutual agreement on what parenting will look like into the future including living arrrangements, time spent with each party, communication, school fees, medical and dental, child support, extra curricular, etc.

This mediation can take place in any format you wish e.g. face to face, in different rooms (known as shuttle mediation), via video conference, or even over the phone. It's all about making you feel comfortable so we can find a mutual resolution.
This is a facts and figures excercise. What are the assets, liabilities, what is the net pool, who contrubuted what, who wants to keep what, and what are the future needs,

Then it's a matter of calmly working through negotiations with each party explaining their position, needs, and concerns until we reach a fair and equitable arrangement so that neither party has to struggle going forward and property & assets are divided falrly. 

We'll help you write a parenting plan which addresses all issues and one which can be submitted to the Court as a Consent Order or used as your 'rulebook and guideine' as you start to navigate this challening journey.
When things start to become difficult or challenging as they often do, we'll be there to coach you into a better frame of mind and space. This may assist with the mediation or getting your life back on track.
Sometimes you just needs shoulder or someone to bounce some thoughts around with. We'll be there for you.
Occassionally, no matter how hard we try to mediate, parties just cant agree, and sadly that means going to Court. In order to file papers in Court and start the process, you will need a 60i certificate which confirms that mediation was attempted and was not successful.